Fume Hood Book

Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

Making Labs Safer One Fume Hood at a Time

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If you are in any way involved with chemical fume hoods, this is a must-read book!

Why has no one written a fume hood book since 1993?

Given the extensive changes in technology, why does a Google Search only find one other book written about laboratory fume hoods, and that book was written in 1993. Considering that the fume hood is a significant safety device in most laboratories, you would think educating all the stakeholders, particularly the users, would be a priority.

The wait is over

Now you can buy a book that explains what you need to know to work safely with fume hoods. This book covers everything from fume hood design to user work practices. It also gives you a preview of what the fume hood of the future might look like and how it could perform with increased safety, productivity, and decreased energy usage.