Areas of Expertise


  • Lean Manufacturing – For a decade we have explored many lean options for this hybrid built-to-order with customization business. We have refined the concepts and have unique industry-specific approaches.
  • Product Design – In addition to offering our own designs, we can work with you to improve your designs to reduce costs, add features, and improve quality and manufacturability. Our specialty is creating modular platforms.
  • 5S Program– We have created a 5S program geared specifically to our industry.
  • Visual Management – In the specialized manufacturing environment we are working in, visual management is crucial. Effective metrics coupled with visual triggers provide real-time capabilities that make it possible to quickly identify problems and address them.
  • Fume Hood Certified ( – This is a unique program developed to advance the understanding of chemical fume hoods. We assist both the end-users of fume hoods as well as those who sell fume hoods.
  • Engineering Library – Creative Solutions has a complete product library of fume hoods and casework that can be adapted to your specific needs.  Our library continues to grow and we have creative options available that include the use of our engineering team.
  • SEFA  Product Testing   – Our years of experience with SEFA testing and involvement with SEFA makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in product design and testing issues.
  • Production Control Systems & Pull Scheduling software – Over the past two decades, we have developed a number of software solutions to assist in the management of production. With both local and web-based packages, we can offer you unique solutions.
  • Contact Management Software – In the construction business there are a number of channel customers in addition to the ultimate customer.  Understanding these complex relationships can help companies gain influence and better manage opportunities. Our relational software was custom-written to give you a competitive advantage.
  • Asset Relocation – With consolidation and shifting markets, it often becomes necessary to shift production. We have been involved in over a dozen relocations and have the experience to help make a move as painless as possible.
  • Powder Coating Systems – Our industry and our products are not typical and require some special features and processes. Working with five major systems in the past three years, we have learned the tricks that make Powder Coating productive and cost-effective.
  • Business Model Generation – Business models are becoming obsolete with alarming frequency. Market disruption is today’s norm and the status quo is dead. Whether you are seeking an update to your existing model or looking to reinvent, we have a unique insight that can help you with the process.

Creative Solutions offers a service that has never before existed: access to top industry talent without the need to hire permanent staff. Buy just what you need.

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