Curriculum Vitae 2020

The sole owner of Creative Solutions, an International Consulting firm, with 40 years of experience in the Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hood Industry.  Creative Solutions in 2020 has a number of ongoing projects.  Several clients are long term with up to 8 years working together. About 70% of revenue is generated from international clients.

A large percentage of the projects are related to Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, and Containment with the others being in distribution, eCommerce, and acquisitions. The emphasis for the past few years has been on next-generation laboratory ventilation products, with several having patents pending. Mid-2020 a major book on Laboratory Fume Hoods will be published in both English and Chinese.  During 2019, I was active speaking at conferences in China, 15 total, and doing workshops in India.

Having a history of marketing innovation that has resulted in outstanding market share growth and increased sales in rapidly changing markets. I have an Industry reputation for thinking out of the box and using advanced technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

Given the clientele, projects have been quite diverse. From short one-time projects to extensive involvement that lasts for years. From simple product, improvement to lean manufacturing, to the total rebranding of the company. A hands-on style allows my involvement at all levels of operation. Having a very unique background and experiences allow for independent consultation that is not otherwise available.

Creative Solutions
President/Owner   – January 2012 – Present

  • Assisted with Four Acquisitions
  • Asset Relocation – Factory Relocations (5 total)
  • Set Up A Major US Metal Manufacturing Facility
  • Acquired Factory Assets in Mexico and Relocated them to the US
  • Developed Product Design and Engineering that Is Licensed to Several Companies
  • Reinvented an International Company to Regain Market Share
  • Set Up Four Powder Coating Lines
  • Established Layouts to Support Lean Production Concepts
  • Acquired Factory Equipment Including Powder Coating Systems
  • Business Model Generation
  • Change Management to Help Legacy Companies Adapt
  • Lab Consulting and Project Management
  • Licensed or Sold Product Engineering
  • Creative Branding
  • Custom Software Development
  • Technology Utilization

 Creative Solutions
President/Owner   – January 2007 – January 2012 (Concurrent to ALC-Collegedale & Esco)

  • Asset Relocation – Factory Relocations
  • Worked on Several Strategic Alliances
  • Developed Strategic Buying Agreements in Asia
  • Developed A Custom Software Suite to Manage the Operations of ALC-Collegedale

 Esco Micro Pte Ltd, Singapore
Vice President – August 2011 – March 2012

  • Relocated four adjacent small factories into a new Technology Center
  • Set up layout and systems to support Lean production concepts
  • Assisted with design changes to simplify manufacturing
  • Implemented a number of processes and methods to increase productivity
  • Managed a workforce of 500 plus

 ALC-Collegedale, Round Rock, TX
President – January 2007 – August 2011

  • Relocated two smaller factories in North Austin to a large consolidated factory in Round Rock plus added a brand-new metal production capability.
  • Built a complete metal operation for hoods, metal casework and stainless steel
  • Developed comprehensive web-based project management and production scheduling system and installed an integrated local network using SQL databases as the common element
  • Terminated operations in Tennessee and relocated equipment and backlog to Texas
  • Implemented a 5S program along with Lean manufacturing concepts
  • Built on the European model of multiple materials in a single building contributing to project-based manufacturing philosophy
  • Developed a complete metal product line

 Collegedale, LLC Collegedale, TN
President & CEO – January 2007 until discontinuance of operations in Tennessee

  • Assisted in the merger of ALC and Collegedale under the Advanced Lab Concepts banner and created new brands for ALC and Collegedale
  • Negotiated licensing agreement and developed a version of the G3 hood that utilizes the Green Fume Hood technology. Was the first OEM for Erlab.
  • Developed the next generation of G3 fume hoods utilizing a pan & rail construction and modular components, making this the first truly modular hood

Collegedale Casework, LLC Collegedale, TN
President & CEO – August 2005 to January 2007

  • Initiated and developed the relationship with Advanced Lab Concepts that resulted in the acquisition and merge resulting in the largest wood laboratory furniture manufacturer in the world
  • Developed a strategic alliance with an Asian company to produce select Collegedale products
  • Developed supply chain relationships with several Chinese companies to obtain raw materials from China

 Vice President, Laboratory Group – April 2004 to August 2005

  • Developed G3 Fume Hood
  • Developed e3 Adaptable Lab System
  • Worked with National Lab Planners to get Collegedale included as an approved supplier on their projects
  • Worked with Dealers on lab projects that they were bidding
  • Developed the concept of “Complete Lab Solutions”

Vice President, Sales and Marketing – May 2000 to April 2004

  • Put together a comprehensive group of sales and marketing materials
  • Created a strong web presence
  • Developed the Collegedale Online Dealer Support System
  • Directed the development of a full-featured integrated drafting system
  • Revamped the dealer network to include a strong group of dealers

Jamestown Metal Products Jamestown, NY
Vice President, Sales and Marketing July 1990 to May 2000

Responsible for initiating, planning, and implementing innovative programs to increase sales volume, market share, and overall profitability. These activities propelled Jamestown from a small niche manufacturer to the number three complete line producer of Laboratory Furniture

Accomplished by:

  • Converting the entire infrastructure from a manual to a computer-based system including the implementation of SBT (a computer-based business management system) and later started the implementation of Symix
  • Development of three new product lines and a major product re-engineering/simplification.
  • Restructuring the distribution from an open line (450 customers) to exclusive dealers (30 customers). Reinventing the organization to support the new customer base
  • Developed a significant Web presence that promoted the company to the world. One of the first industry websites. Promoted electronic cataloging as an industry standard (pdf) on both the web and CDs
  • Researched the World market and identified foreign companies, resulting in the acquisition of the number one lab furniture producer in Mexico
  • Actively involved in the integration of Industrias Alder (Mexican Acquisition) into the Jamestown organization, including the support of a Mexican Dealer Network

Lab Planners, Inc. Jamestown, NY (concurrent to JMP)
President – July 1992 to May 2000

Wholly owned subsidiary of Jamestown Metal Products responsible for the development of computer software and marketing systems including web and CD-ROM based applications and an AutoCAD Based 3-D Visualization System to support direct sales. Designed to be very user friendly to allow salespeople with minimal computer experience to design labs.

Developed “Lab Designer” a 3D AutoCAD system for designing lab space.

Included visualization tools to support end-user sales

  • Developed a network of Dealers to use the product
  • First in the industry to use a BBS for electronic order placement
  • Developed a point of purchase design and quoting system for the dealers
  • Organized a group of manufacturers that collectively offered a full range of products that appeared single source to the user
  • Developed a training program that took salespeople with limited computer skills and no CAD experience and had them designing labs in 5 days

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation (1981 – 1990)

  • Setup an entry into Office Furniture with a start-up company “Productive Workspace Inc.” Set up a test market in Chicago
  • Sourced product from Europe and set up a joint venture with Lista International (Switzerland) and developed two product lines with them
  • Headed the integration team for the acquisition of “JMC”, an electronic workstation company in San Jose, CA.
  • Headed the relocation of fume hood production from Michigan to Texas
  • Successfully installed the company’s first CAD system to support the transition from a labor-intensive manual system
  • An active member of the acquisition and merger team. Work on the possible merge/acquisition of Hamilton Industries (Fisher Hamilton)
  • Provided turnaround management for a wholly-owned instrumentation distribution company “Seamark”.
  • Developed a Long-Term Action Plan for Kewaunee’s entry into the Pacific Rim
  • Developed a plan for Kewaunee to enter the lab safety products market and identified an acquisition candidate, “Lab Safety Inc – Janesville, WI”. Due to Kewaunee’s financial performance at the time, Kewaunee did not proceed, but Lab Safety was acquired by W.W. Grainger. The Chairman and CEO of Grainger, Wiley Caldwell, was a Kewaunee Board member.
  • Named Employee of The Year in 1984

Kewaunee Scientific Wilmette, IL
Director of Corporate Marketing June 1987 to July 1990

Responsible for initiating, planning, and implementing innovative marketing programs to

increase sales volume, market share, and overall profitability. Worked on a number of special projects for the Board of Directors. The only employee in the company to receive a bonus every year (even during the two years of record losses) for outstanding performance. Accomplished by:

  • Conducting extensive market research and competitive intelligence to better understand the market opportunities and our position in the market
  • Providing market segmentation that was used to identify unserved and under-served segments and to develop strategies for gaining market share by segment
  • Conducting trend analyses to predict future market needs along with growth and profit opportunities
  • Developing Marketing Information Systems and Computerized Sales Support Systems that supported our distribution goals and made our Salesforce more effective, and reduced cost of sales
  • Researching, investigating, and negotiating with competitors in the World market to determine the competitive climate and identify opportunities for product acquisition and strategic alliances.

Kewaunee Scientific Lockhart, TX
Marketing Manager July 1985 to June 1987

 Repositioned Kewaunee from a workbench manufacturer to the leading marketer of complete workstation systems, which resulted in a three-year sales increase of 78% in a 12% market.

  • Identified market needs and opportunities for expanded growth. Conducted market research including focus groups to identify and test products and services required. Directed product enhancements to existing products, developed new products internally and in cooperation with a European design team, and acquired additional products worldwide to enhance our overall product offering and competitive position
  • Initiated and directed a direct marketing program supported by a custom-developed computerized lead tracking and sales management system. Planned and directed a comprehensive program of target marketing utilizing select media placements, direct mail, and telemarketing to identify and sell end-users in embedded market segments.

 Kewaunee Scientific Plainwell, MI
Marketing Manager July 1981 to July 1985

  • Refocused the sales and marketing efforts to obtain sales growth above the market growth rate
  • Managed and reorganized the existing sales network to obtain desired growth.
  • Planned and utilized a multi-channel distribution that included Dealers and Distributors in addition to our agents, reps, and company direct sales personnel
  • Established and managed the use of a PC based database marketing system
  • Developed customer/prospect profile and mapped market potential by zipcode
  • First in the industry to do database marketing
  • Planned and directed the start-up of a new business venture in cooperation with a Swiss firm

Tiffany Industries St. Louis, MO

Marketing Manager responsible for developing and implementing media programs, direct mail, and literature and catalog design and development. Directed and managed the participation in 15 annual tradeshows. Planned, developed and implemented sales promotions and Dealer incentive programs. With Engineering, developed and introduced 18 new products in less than12 months including a new class of furniture called “Computer Support Furniture” in response to the quickly changing office layout caused by the mass introduction of CRTs and VDTs.


University of North Alabama Florence, AL
Bachelor of Science 1976

Subiaco Academy Subiaco, AR
High School Diploma 1971

Industry Activities:

SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association)

  • Chairman of the Adaptable Systems Committee 2006 – 2012
  • Active with SEFA Certified “SEFA 12 Product Certification”
  • Board of Directors 1995 -2002
  • Past Chair 2000 – 2002
  • Chairman (President)

◦ Changed Bylaws to allow Associate Class Members

◦ Changed Bylaws to promote International Membership

◦ Significant increase in overall Membership

1998 – 2000

  • Vice-Chairman

◦ Created a Significant Web Presence


  • Secretary-Treasurer 1996-1997
  • Various Committees

◦ Installation Committee

◦ Fume Hoods Committee 1991-Present

  • Program Chair (Brought in Lab Planners) 1996

R&D Magazine – Lab of the Year Judge in 1999

Laboratory Design Newsletter – Published Several Articles

ASHRAE Member – Participated in the latest ASHRAE 110 development

SCUP Member – Society for College and University Planners

USGBC Member – US Green Building Council

  • Corresponding Member – LEED for Labs Committee
  • Corresponding Member – LEED for Schools Committee

IFMA – International Facilities Management Association

  • Member R&D Council

BIFMA – Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association

  • Past Member
  • Ergonomics Standard Committee

Other Activities

  • Webmaster for multiple domains
  • Published a book “Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained
  • Currently writing a “Model Standard” for “Laboratory Ventilation and Fume Hoods”

 Product Development:

Directed the product development efforts for these products with hands-on involvement in the design process and pre-production.

  • Communication Station (1980) Full Line of Computer Support Furniture
  • Sturdilite II (1983) Workstations for Electronic Labs
  • Workstations for Professionals (1984 – Developed in Switzerland) Complete Line of Freestanding Computer Support Office Furniture targeted for mid-management in legal, banking, insurance
  • FlexTech (1985 – Developed in Switzerland and Germany) Workstations/Assembly Bench System for Electronic Research & Production
  • XK-2000 (1991) Instrumentation Workstations for Laboratories
  • Core System (1993) Modular Wall and Mobile Table System for Laboratories
  • Isolator Fume Hood (1995) Complete Line of Chemical Fume Hoods

First hood to have a chain drive sash system

First hood to ship KD (knocked down)

First hood to have full pan construction

First hood to a glass view panel that provided a bypass

  • Dimension Casework (1998-1999 Developed in Mexico) Line of Modular Steel Casework with Fronts of Various Materials
  • G3 Fume Hood Line of High-Performance Chemical Fume Hoods
  • E3 Adaptable Table System (Edison Style) Next Generation of Laboratory Furniture system with 4 patents
  • Green G3 Fume Hood New Class of Laboratory Fume Hood
  • Redesigned the entire G3 line to be modular and for three unique versions of the product to share common components
  • Developed casework and fume hood engineering for sale (2012-2018)
  • Developed several next generations of laboratory ventilation products (some patent pending)


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