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Nothing is more expensive
than a missed opportunity!

Too often in times of turbulence the temptation is to “batten down the hatches” and seek safety by focusing on what can be controlled. Typically that means turning inward and acting defensively to avoid damage and minimize risk. Caution and prudence, like most other leadership behaviors, are useful only in conjunction with the exercise of good judgment. In stressful circumstances externally-focused perspective is more important than ever.

Opportunities don’t vanish because times are tough. In challenging circumstances, leaders need to stay alert to market conditions, competitor behavior, and customer needs. They also need to support, visibly and enthusiastically, innovation and entrepreneurial activity. Leaders need to consider what value-creating opportunities are generated by turbulence itself. Weaker competitors offer attractive expansion potential at what may be bargain prices and acquisition can lead to new markets, products or services being created. An independent view is useful to challenge the status quo.

Opportunities don’t wait around for the good times to return. Leaders must drive their organizations to continue investing financial and human resources to capitalize on these opportunities.

To remain entrepreneurial and innovative, an organization must take risks even in turbulent times. But it’s easy to believe that all risks are bad. Emphasizing revenue growth and some cost retrenchment is crucial and appropriate when supporting new initiatives. No one ever saved his way to growth and sustained profitability.

In the months and years ahead we will continue to see rapid and significant change in almost every industry. Status quo is no longer a sustainable option. Now is the time for action. What we do and how we do it is our future, so making intelligent choices and properly implementing change will determine if we dive or thrive.

Creative Solutions can help you change the game and seize the opportunities that are present in today’s turbulent market. Let’s explore the possibilities together. To better understand how we might work together, we are offering a free one hour Skype or Google Hangout Introduction. To arrange a conference, go to Click here.

Seize the Opportunity

Creative Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist you in the laboratory furniture and equipment market. While this is our specialty, we have several innovative projects outside the industry. If you have the need to revise your business model and create game changing strategies, we can help.

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