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Why Some Companies Thrive While Others Dive

Have you ever wondered why some companies grow and prosper while others decline?



These are perilous times in business. More than ever, the ability to recognize what needs to be done and to do it at just the right time is paramount. We have all seen examples. So why is it that some companies and organizations seem to consistently do the right thing and are winning while others have taken tragically wrong steps and are failing?


Even companies that were previously leading in their market segments have fallen apart in today’s economy. Why?   Firms usually fail, because they are unable to successfully orchestrate between the product, customer, market choice, and strategy implementation at the right time. There are, in fact, management characteristics that are common in businesses that succeed. Contrast those with common characteristics found in falling enterprises.

Failing Organizations 

  • Failure to adapt to changes
  • Misunderstanding and/or underestimating the competition
  • Ineffective communication within the organization
  • Lack of focus on the “front line” of the business
  • Lack of buy-in of the mission concept throughout the organization
  • Lack of a clear and embedded code of ethics
  • Ineffective leadership training & development programs
  • Inability to work effectively with partner organizations
  • No sense of urgency
  • Use of out-dated systems and thinking to dictate the future

Winning Organizations

  • Clarity of purpose at all levels
  • Trust-based culture
  • Effective environment of training & development
  • Organizational buy-in of mission concept at all levels
  • Elimination of hidden agendas
  • Attention to detail
  • Courageous leadership
  • A bias for action
  • Listening to the front line
  • No organizational boundaries









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